Newsletter of the Smoky Mountain Austin-Healey Club

Knoxville, Tennessee

Amy Turner, Editor

Number 2

February 1999


Plans Made for 1999 Events

any thanks are due to Bryan and Kathy Broadhead for providing the location and delicious food for the clubís January meeting. At this annual planning meeting we set about the enjoyable task of deciding just where we would go and what we would do this year. The result is a busy schedule of drives, meetings, and shows, but there are a couple of new events on the clubís agenda. Get the details inside this issue.


Upcoming Events



Where to Meet

Feb. 8

Pub night

Sullivanís restaurant. See map inside.

Feb. 20

Drive to Mountain Harbour

Perkins restaurant at Strawberry Plains at 11:00.


Plan Early for Conclave

June may seem a long way away, but itís just around the cornerÖespecially if you have to get that restoration finished or book a hotel room or plan your vacation from work!

Donít let June sneak up on you. Check out the November 1998 issue of Chatter to see the great events that are being planned in St. Louis. If you have Internet access, the Conclave web page can be found at The registration chairman is Ron Varley at 847-546-0141, or e-mail

This year hotel rooms will be reserved directly with the host hotel, the Sheraton West Port Inn in St. Louis, rather than in conjunction with Conclave registration. Get your reservation in early!




In this issueÖ

Plans Made For 1999 Events *

Plan Early for Conclave *

Dougís Drivel *

Smoke Editions *

April Rugby Event *

Pub Night *

Big Events in í99! *


Planning Meeting Minutes *



Dougís Drivel

What a great meeting we had at Bryan and Kathy Broadheadís house last Saturday! Though some of our stalwart regulars were missing (It was their loss!), we had a real good turnout of about fifteen members who all seemed to enjoy the three kinds of soup the gracious hosts had prepared for us and the succulent dessert afterward. The meeting was almost anticlimactic.

But we did have many things to discuss, most of which Iím sure Amy will mention elsewhere in this newsletter. We scheduled most of the club events for í99, but left some spaces open in case you wish to lead a drive or sponsor an event Ė just let myself or Amy know.

One of the things Iím most excited about is the "Pub Night" weíre going to have on the second Monday of each month starting about 7:00 p.m. Weíll get together in a very informal setting at Sullivanís Restaurant on Northshore Drive and discuss Healeys or anything else we wish to. Our sincere thanks to Leonard McKeehan for setting it up.

And Gary and Paulette Lownsdale presented a good delegateís report from National along with a beautiful plaque to our club for winning a share of first place in the Healey Promotional Challenge. Our thanks and congratulations to all members who worked on this.

The Lownsdales also brought with them a clear plastic model Healey 3000 filled with M&Ms. We had to guess how many it contained. Bill Denton was the only one who came up with the correct number. Guess what it was ó Do you give up yet? Gary also had for us an Austin-Healey trivia quiz which will probably be included in a later Smoke Signals!

Guess Iíll see some of you at Sullivanís on February 8th. MeanwhileÖ

Happy Healeying,


Smoke Editions

January 1, 1999: We rang in the final year of the twentieth century.

January 5, 1999: John Ward broadcast his final Volunteer football game.

January 16, 1999: Bryan Broadhead handed Amy Turner a stack of newsletter materials.

These events all marked the end of an era. In every case I was sad to see it end. Bryan has left me with a high standard to live up to, but Iím hoping Iíll be able to continue in his footsteps and keep you all up to date on the happenings in our club. Those happenings are getting better and bigger and more exciting all the time, so Iíll certainly have my hands full.

Now, with hands full and feet in footsteps, I also have a head swimming with ideas. (Too many metaphors? Do you guys want Bryan back already?) One feature I hope to add to each issue is a calendar each month adorned with a picture of a memberís car. Iíve often oohed and ahhed over photo albums that people brought to drives and lunches, and I want to be sure everyone gets the same opportunity to admire your machines. Send me your tired, your shiny, your leaking masses, and Iíll put them on a calendar that will be magneted to refrigerators across east Tennessee. I have a scanner and a digital camera, so if you see me stealing pictures from your photo album or snapping pictures of your pride and joy, youíll know what Iím up to. If you have a favorite photo, please send it to me at 126 S. Jackson Street, Athens, TN 37303 or e-mail me at Iíll be glad to scan your picture and get the original back to you.

The next time you see Bryan Broadhead be sure to thank him for the hard work heís put in on the Smoke Signal. Heís the reason weíve all managed to get to the same place at the same time, found out about British car events in our area, and heard about the happenings in our club.

Feet following, head swimming, hands fullÖ youíll be sure to recognize me if you pass me on the street.

Happy Healeying!


April Rugby Event

The April driving event marks another first for the SMAHC: an overnight stay. David Campbell has organized a wonderful outing for our club on April 24th and 25th. If youíve been on any of the previous drives to Rugby you know what a beautiful Victorian English village it is, but you may not have had enough time to really get acquainted with the area and the hospitality of its people. One of Davidís favorite getaways is also where Paul and I chose to spend our honeymoon, the Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast in Rugby. Combine the charm of the bed and breakfast with a drive around the Cumberland Plateau, the company of fellow Healey enthusiasts, the sumptuous repasts, and the sheer joy of driving a Healey, and youíre in for a glorious weekend.

David has arranged for us to have the Grey Gables to ourselves if we can get eight registrants. The prices are as follows:

As you can see, the prices are great, the scenery will be gorgeous, and the company canít be beat. Call innkeeper Linda Brooks before March 31 at 423-628-5252 to make your reservations. Iím looking forward to this one!

Pub Night

At the January planning meeting, Leonard McKeehan coined an apt phrase when he suggested our club needs a "continuity of congeniality." And so Pub Night was born.

The second Monday of each month at about 7:00 p.m., weíll have an informal gathering at Sullivanís restaurant on Northshore Drive in Knoxville. Sullivanís offers steaks, chicken, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. Weíre checking to see if theyíll provide us with special parking for our cars, too.

Big Events in í99!

If you missed the January planning meeting, you missed the excitement. The Smoky Mountain Austin-Healey Club is moviní and shakiní in í99. In addition to drives and quarterly meetings, weíre planning our first competitive driving event ever.

Hereís the lowdown on local and regional events:


  1. Pub Night at Sullivanís

20 Drive to Mountain Harbor

    1. National Committee Meeting and finalization of national calendar


  1. Pub night at Sullivanís

  1. Tech. Session: Spring tune-up. Brakes, carbs, choke, and overall Healey wellness.


12 Pub night at Sullivanís

24-25 Drive to Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast in Rugby with optional overnight stay. Drive captain, David Campbell.


    1. Townsend British car show

10 Pub night at Sullivanís

  1. SMAHC driving event. Funkhana, rallye school, rallye, and gymkhana.

22 Chateau Elan in Georgia.


    1. Triad Clubís British Car Days in North Carolina

14 Pub night at Sullivanís

    1. National Conclave in St. Louis, Missouri


12 Pub night at Sullivanís


9 Pub night at Sullivanís


13 Pub night at Sullivanís

    1. Southeastern Classic, Hiwassee, GA

  1. Sevierville British Car Show


??? Drive to Panther Creek State Park

11 Pub night at Sullivanís

  1. Drive captained by Bob Ricker.


    1. National Delegates Meeting in NC

  1. Pub night at Sullivanís


13 Pub night at Sullivanís





Doug Smith

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Bryan Broadhead

215 Sugarwood Drive

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Paul/Amy Turner

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Rick Hayes

9024 Tall Timber Drive

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Tech Chairman

Bob Ricker

9108 Montague Lane

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External Events

Bill Denton

807 W. First St., No.

Morristown, TN 37814


Club Historian

Richard Miller

9705 Bob Gray Road

Knoxville, TN 37923


AHCA Delegate

Gary Lownsdale

417 Shawnee Place

Loudon, TN 37774-3164



Planning Meeting Minutes

On top of the plans we made for drives, shows, and events, a few other notes came from the January meeting.


Upcoming Events


Feb. 8 Pub Night at Sullivanís Restaurant. See map inside.

Feb. 20 Drive to Mountain Harbour, Bryan Broadhead drive captain. Meet at Strawberry Plains Perkins at 11:00 or take your own route and meet at Mountain Harbour at noon.

Mar. 8 Pub Night at Sullivanís Restaurant.

Mar. 13 Tech. Session: Spring tune-up.

Apr. 12 Pub Night at Sullivanís Restaurant.

Apr. 24-25 Drive and overnight stay at Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast in Rugby. See details inside.












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