Newsletter of the Smoky Mountain Austin-Healey Club

Knoxville, Tennessee

Amy Turner, Editor

Number 4

April 1999

Is It Driving Season Yet?

Did you realize that seasons move at a different pace for non-Healey owners than they do for us? Most readers of this newsletter have had more years to enjoy their cars than this humble editor, so maybe youíve forgotten. In the pre-Healey days, a nice warm breeze sometime in March will prompt the non-Healey person to think, "Thatís nice. Iíll soon be able to wear short sleeves. Hmm, guess I ought to sharpen the blades on the lawn mower." To the Healey enthusiast, though, that warm breeze sets off a chemical chain reaction in the brain. Thoughts of top-down driving creep in during critical business meetings, and you can get some pretty strange looks from your colleagues when they catch you sneaking the Victoria British catalogue out of your day planner when the meeting topic turns to depreciation rates of partially completed capitalized plants.

Ahem. Not that thatís happened to me personally, you understand.


Upcoming Events



Where to Meet

Apr. 12

Pub night

Sullivanís restaurant around 7:00 p.m.


Overnight stay in Rugby

11:00 a.m. Cedar Bluff Holiday Inn




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Is It Driving Season Yet? *

Dougís Drivel *

Smoke Editions *

Snow? What Snow? *

The Rest of the Story *

Upcoming Events 6

Dougís Drivel

Weíre sorry we missed the tech session on Saturday the 13th, but we had a family obligation. Besides, it wasnít really Healey weather, and, since our car is now in perfect mechanical condition, we donít really need any technical knowledge, do we? Enough excuses. I am truly sorry we were not able to be there and garner some very useful information.

We did have another really good pub night at Sullivanís on March 8th, though. Leonard certainly steered us to a restaurant which serves up some succulent food. And the camaraderie and conversation may have been even better than the food. When Healey people get together, what could be better than the conversation? Except maybe the driving!

Donít forget you need to make your reservations at Grey Gables Inn if you havenít already for the Rugby drive on April 24th. Itís really important to let the Inn know soon if you wish to stay there when we do the drive. David Campbell has a really good weekend planned for us, so try to come if you can.

Donít forget to clear your calendar for the Townsend British Car Show on May 1st and 2nd, and the May West Knoxville Driving Challenge on May 15th. Gary Lownsdale and Amy Turner have lots of fun events scheduled for us on that weekend.

Iím really excited about the year ahead, and all the activities we have planned. ĎTil then,

Happy Healeying,


Smoke Editions

Everything I needed to know, I learned from restoring a barn bugeye.

Snow? What Snow?

"SU Carburetors 101" could have been the name of the tech session held March 13th. The snow and slush kept most people away, but a few brave souls made it to the tech session and got an in-depth look at the inner workings of the SU carburetor.

Gary, Paulette, and Charlie Lownsdale hosted the session, and intrepid explorers Paul Fournier, David Campbell, and Paul and Amy Turner attended. Gary disassembled some SU carbs and explained the purpose of each component. Attendees learned the real meanings of the terms "running rich" and "running lean," the importance of selecting the proper needle size, and the various methods of adjusting dual carburetors. David Campbell brought along his carburetors, and the group concentrated on remedying a stuck float on one of them.

Because of the rotten weather, weíll have to see if we can convince the Lownsdales to provide an encore performance sometime soon. Donít miss the next oneÖunless a tornado hits!


The Rest of the Story

The rest of this issue contains announcements about local and regional events. Feel free to duplicate and distribute any that may be of interest to friends who own British carsÖhint, hint!






Upcoming Events


Apr. 12 Pub Night at Sullivanís Restaurant.

Apr. 24-25 Drive and overnight stay at Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast in Rugby. David Campbell, drive captain.

May 1-2 Townsend British Car Show.

May 10 Pub Night at Sullivanís Restaurant.

May 15 May West Knoxville Driving Challenge. Funkhana, rally, and gymkhana. Gary Lownsdale and Amy Turner, coordinators.





















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