Newsletter of the Smoky Mountain Austin-Healey Club

Knoxville, Tennessee

Amy Turner, Editor



Number 8 August 1999


Medium-Sized Congratulations!

At the quarterly meeting we discovered that we’re no longer a small club in the eyes of the Austin-Healey Club of America. With 37 members, we have moved into the realm of mediumness! (Somehow, the word mediocrity just doesn’t seem to fit.) Membership chairman Rick Hayes is doing an outstanding job of rounding up new members, and the Lownsdales drive a rolling advertisement for the club. I know that whenever I stop at a gas station I always hear the phrase "Wow! I haven’t seen one of those in a while! I / My father / My roommate / My old boyfriend / etc. used to own a Healey." Occasionally I’ll hear someone say they still have one or they know someone who does. That’s the time to pull out a membership application and let them know that there’s a club full of people who love these cars as much as they do. Make sure to catch up with Rick Hayes or Gary Lownsdale and get a few copies of the membership application to keep in the boot. You never know when you’ll find a potential member out there. The more, the merrier!

Upcoming Events



Where to Meet

Aug. 9

Pub night

Sullivan’s restaurant around 7:00 p.m.

Aug. 14

Tech. Session

Home of Richard and Andree Miller at 10:30 a.m.




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Medium-Sized Congratulations! *

Doug’s Drivel *

Smoke Editions *

August Tech Session *

1999 Conclave Delegates Meeting Notes *

Quarterly Meeting Report *

October Charity Event *

August Calendar *

Upcoming Events *


Doug’s Drivel

Although I missed the last pub night due to a prior obligation with the soon-to-be famous Grainger County Tomato Festival, I was represented well by my wife, Barbara. She wanted to be there to continue to extend a personal invitation to each of you to the quarterly meeting at our house on July 31st. We’re both looking forward to the opportunity of hosting a gathering of such fine friends with a special shared interest.

Barbara does have for me a rather long list of chores to do to make our house and yard somewhat more presentable – a daunting task considering the dirt (mud?) around our not yet completed new garage/boathouse. But who could be more adaptable and tolerant than people who drive somewhat ancient British sports cars? I only hope the weather is neither too hot nor too wet, and Bob Ricker finds the way here in spite of my map.

By the way, I got a report that Gary Lownsdale very ceremoniously inducted two new members into the national Healey Sport Boat Club, Rick Hayes and Richard Miller. Now, if we all just had that rarest of boats, we could ride the waves together. Maybe someday….

Again, we’re anticipating a great gathering on the 31st. Bring a full Healey, an empty stomach, and a few condiments!

Happy Healeying,


Smoke Editions

Ever wonder why Doug always seems to be looking forward to something that already happened? It’s because a certain newsletter editor asked him to send in his column at the end of each month, somewhere around the 20th or the 25th. Let me tell you, his teachers must have loved him. I can imagine a young Doug dutifully handing in his assignments on time, printed neatly, perfectly researched, expecting an A+ on each paper…and getting it, too. So if you ever think Doug is behind the times, I want you all to know that he’s really ahead of his time.

I want to apologize, too, for any issues of the newsletter that are a bit late getting to you. I aim for the first of the month, but I don’t always hit what I aim at. The last week of July found me dashing off to Knoxville in the mornings, then to Chattanooga in the evenings, and then home to Athens in the middle of the night. Work is taking me to Chattanooga for a few months, so if I don’t see you at the next few pub nights, know that I’m there in spirit.

If you missed the last pub night, you missed a visit from a representative of the Foothills Land Conservancy. The club presented him with a donation and he told us about the Smith Bend project on the Tennessee River. It’s a location we may want to visit on a drive someday so we can see firsthand some of the natural beauty our donations are helping to preserve.

In the meantime, don’t forget to take advantage of the great events that are coming up – a tech session in August, Southeastern Classic in September, and a drive in the Smokies in October.

See you on the road!


August Tech Session

Since there are no drives scheduled in the near future, a tech session is in order! Many Healeys need the flexible carburetor hose replaced due to age. The hose may look fine on the outside, but the inside has turned to mush.

A tech session to replace carburetor hoses will be held at the home of Richard and Andree Miller at 9705 Bob Gray Road on August 14th at 10:30 a.m.

To get to Bob Gray Road:

You will need to bring the part with you. Call Bob Ricker at 694-6086 or page him at 873-2005 and he will arrange a group purchase of the parts for the session. Due to this late announcement, please call as soon as possible!

What’s next? Well, you know, those flexible brake hoses might need attention, too….

1999 Conclave Delegates Meeting Notes


The summer session of the Delegates Meeting was held at the Conclave ’99 site in St. Louis on June 23. A quorum was present, so formal business could be conducted and votes taken.


Paulette Lownsdale

Smoky Mountain Region Delegate


Quarterly Meeting Report

Our quarterly meeting was due in July, and we just barely made it. July 31st found us gathered at Doug and Barbara Smith’s home in Rutledge. The weather was sunny, to say the least, and only one couple was willing to brave the heat and drive a Healey. Ah, but more about that later.

Upon arrival at the meeting, the Lownsdales pinned a Healey-related picture to each attendee’s back. We had to play twenty questions to figure out what the picture was. In many cases the people who knew what the picture was were just as stumped as the one to whom it was pinned. I must look up the Healey Elliott and see just what that is!

Here are the items we discussed at the meeting.

October Charity Event

The Smoky Mountain Region of the Porsche Club of America is hosting an autocross on October 23 and 24 to benefit the Five Rivers Christmas Fund. The event will be held in Greeneville, TN, at Five Rivers Manufacturing Plant. Entry fees are $25.00 per driver for the two-day event or $15.00 per day per driver. For more information or to register, please contact Doug/Donna Slayback at 423/539.6549 or or Vic/Carol Rola at 423/470.2935 or


August Calendar



Upcoming Events


August 9 Pub night at Sullivan’s Restaurant on Northshore.

August 14 Tech Session at the home of Richard and Andree Miller. Details inside this issue. Be sure to order the necessary parts as soon as possible or call Bob Ricker at 694-6086 or page him at 873-2005.

August 18-22 Encounter ’99, annual meet of the Austin-Healey Sports and Touring Club, Chateau Resort, Tannersville, PA. Call Tom Mantz at 610-791-1171 for details.

Sept. 23-26 Southeastern Classic XIII, Hiawassee, Georgia. Contact Sam Marble at 770-972-8747 for information. Space is limited and going fast! Call soon!
















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